The Founder

From a very early age, Vina Ahuja developed a deep-seated fascination for textiles, weaving, dyeing, and the intricate production techniques found in rural villages. This passion compelled her to explore these villages and dedicate substantial time immersing herself in their artistry..


Over the span of two to two and a half decades, her journey into the realm of home textiles gradually unfolded. Throughout this period, she remained steadfast in her commitment to collaborating with village weavers and artisans, albeit in a unique capacity. Her mission revolved around elevating and supporting these skilled craftsmen, nurturing their traditional expertise.

In the process, she aimed to transform textiles into more accessible, adaptable, and value-enhanced clothing. Her vision also encompassed crafting these textiles in a way that highlighted their distinctiveness, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions. This unwavering dedication ultimately gave rise to Akashi, a brand guided by the principles of simplicity and elegance, while enhancing the wearability and versatility of textiles."

The Brand

In the heart of Akashi, we embrace a mantra: 'Sustainable style, organically adorned.' This is our ode to fashion, a commitment echoed in every stitch. From the gentle flow of linen dresses to the pure embrace of 100% organic cotton, our dedication to slow fashion ensures enduring allure. Each dress is a living poem, a testimony to the beauty embedded in the Careful Cultivation Collection.

So join us on this journey, where fashion intertwines with green elegance. Celebrate with us as we elevate handmade clothing, inviting it into the rhythm of modern life. Akashi takes pride in celebrating the adaptability and beauty of our creations. Our story is woven into each piece, inviting you to partake in the poetry of sustainable style, organically adorned, in every thread spun with care.

Focus On Quality

At the heart of our mindful fashion philosophy is a dedicated focus on enduring quality. Our handcrafted styles are meticulously designed to stand the test of time, encouraging you to consider them as more than just clothing but as substantial heritage pieces, created to be treasured and passed down through generations.